Our Story

In the heart of 2014, a vision took shape in the mind of our founder, Emil Benz. He dreamt of crafting bags that would echo the dynamic rhythms of racing drivers, the elegance of polo players, the power of business tycoons, and the audacity of rockstars. Today, we're not just carrying on that vision, but nurturing it, blending the boldness of modern design with the soul of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Every Emil Benz bag is a testament to sophisticated craftsmanship, a tribute to the art of making. We pour our time and dedication into each creation, devoting a full day to each bag. This isn't just a process, it's a ritual, ensuring that every piece we create is a beacon of quality and style.

Materials Matter

We don't just select materials for our products, we choose them. Only 6 out of 100 pieces of southern German calf skin leather meet our standards. We use minimal dye, allowing the leather to breathe, to live, enhancing its natural beauty and letting it tell its own story.


We believe in a luxury that's conscious, that's aware. That's why we use sustainable sourcing methods, like a modern laser-guided diamond bladed cutter. Because we're not just making bags, we're respecting the world that inspires us.

Limited and Special Editions

We celebrate the individual, the unique, the one-of-a-kind with our limited and special edition bags. Each collection is a canvas, designed with a specific passion or lifestyle in mind. These bags are more than just accessories; they're statements, they're declarations of style and individuality.

Looking Ahead

Our goal is simple, yet profound: to create the world's most desirable weekender bags. We're not just excited about the future, we're inspired by it, as we continue to innovate, to dream, and to expand our product line.

The Team

Behind every Emil Benz bag is a dedicated team, a family. From Emil Benz himself to our skilled artisans, we're all committed to bringing our vision to life. Because we're not just making bags, we're creating dreams.