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On top of these stylish products, we introduce a modern digital dimension, bringing each piece to life with innovative technology.

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Emil Benz x Wackenhut

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"I have travelled a lot and tried many different duffle bags. All I can say is the Emil Benz Bag Weekender is lightyears ahead of any other bag. The softness of the leather, the eloquent design and the spaciousness this bag offers make it the perfect solution to your travels."
Jonas B
"Having used my Emil Benz bag for over 5 years, I'm consistently impressed by its outstanding leather and the vibrant colours inside. Despite regular use, it still looks stunning, leather only gets more beautiful over time anyway. Plus, it fits perfectly in my car. A true testament to its quality!"
Anton B
"A bag can only be as good as it’s owner. The past year the weekender has passed multiple stress tests and always performed well, exceeding expectations and meeting requirements. I recommend this bag to anyone who expects the best."
Hugo B