Travel with style.

"A brand with emotion, a product with power"



In 2014, at the age of 18, Emil Benz founded the new brand. 

"Lets build bags matching the lifestyles of dynamic racing drivers, elegant polo players, powerful business tycoons and edgy rockstars." - Emil Benz passionately to his friends

The result was a young and modern design combined with the traditional Italian craftsmanship and the very best materials.


Stylish bags constructed to suit energetic sport enthusiasts focusing at satisfying the mind, body and spirit were born.



The brand EMIL BENZ aims at reinforcing and stands behind the important core values of trust, faith, love and honesty.

EMIL BENZ - Travel with style.


German Leather meets Italian Craftsmanship.


Selected southern German Calf

State-of-the-art tanning processes

Innovative laser displayed cutting



Milled from a solid piece of metal

Traditionally gunmetal-finished

Changes from silver to dark grey in the light



From all over the World

Inspired by different cultures

Standards from the luxury bedding industry


Shoulder strap

One large piece of saddle leather

Two beautiful finished clips

Simple. Beautiful. Different.


Every bag is individual

Traditional Italian Craftsmanship

1 Day for 1 Bag



Characterful arranged composition

Pure Emil Benz design

Ageless. Elegant. Unique.


Only real materials and real dedication can make a real product.

So be real, to really: Travel with style. 


Travel with style.